Tallest building in Sydney by Crone Partners to rise up 72 storeys and 260m | Architecture And Design

Tallest building in Sydney by Crone Partners to rise up 72 storeys and 260m | Architecture And Design.

The City of Sydney has accepted the recommendation for approval of what is to be Sydney’s tallest building, with the proposal now referred to the Department of Planning for final sign-off.

505 George Street, designed by Crone Partners, is proposed to stand at a maximum tower height of 260m – 110m above the LEP height limit of 150m for a dual tower arrangement that would be in compliance with planning controls for residential schemes.

Crone Partners say this proposal was developed in response to a number of challenges that would arise if a dual tower arrangement was built on the site, which sits amidst a mix of retail, commercial and residential developments.

“The proposed development use is predominantly residential, and hence it is appropriate that an analysis of the impacts to local urban amenity and context be undertaken,” explain the architects

505 George st_Aerial 505 George st_Streetl_Hires_Grade

New contender for Sydney’s tallest residential tower

Crone Partners has potentially eclipsed the height of 115 Bathurst Street with their latest Master Plan Design and Planning Proposal for a 260m tall tower at 505 George Street, Sydney. Crone went through a rigorous process on 115 Bathurst Street, successfully achieving a Stage 1 Development Application Approval for a 236m tall tower named the Greenland Centre.

The current height controls at 505 George Street limit the height of developments to 150m. Through an intense Design and Analytic process, Crone were able to put forth a compelling argument to Sydney City Council of the many benefits to the city of going taller and thinner. Mirvac and Coombes Property Group have proven a formidable team collaborating with Crone and Sydney City Council to promote innovative urban design solutions for their iconic development at the Greater Union site. We hope for a favorable response to our Planning Proposal over the next few weeks.

A hot topic in Property Circles is Sydney’s need for more Skyscrapers to remain Australia’s Global City and to meet demands of an ever increasing population. Champion of this cause is Chris Johnson CEO of Urban Taskforce Australia helping to drive council into reviewing current height controls and increasing the density of buildings in the city and at major transport hubs.

Articles were published in all 3 Newspapers today, below a link to the Sydney Morning Herald’s article, “New contender for Sydney’s tallest residential tower”;

New contender for Sydney’s tallest residential tower.

505 George st_Aerial 505 George st_Streetl_Hires_Grade

buzzing greenwood plaza

Design work at Greenwood Plaza, was completed end of 2012 by Crone Partners Architects and Interiors. This involved a number of upgrades to the centre including; new respite seating, new ceiling treatments and new lighting designs. The new ceiling and lighting treatments cover 7 major zones in the centre, helping to rejuvenation the existing shopping Plaza, in need of modernisation.

Crone designed the ceilings to use environmentally friendly materials, such as, the plywood louvres that form a curving, directional spine at the centre. The ridge line of the vertical louvres is constantly changing, creating the idea of movement, ever prevalent in the daily movements of commuters from North Sydney Station through the concourse level.

The existing lights in the centre were replaced with highly energy efficient LED lights, providing improved LUX levels for shoppers and providing Energy Saving Certificates for the client. The futuristic lights are located at key entries to the mall and were developed to highlight the main entrancies to the concourse level. Construction of the ceilings was over a 3 month period.

The design of the upper level lighting, looked at creating an artificial atrium light, similar to the existing atriums at the centre. Through the existing atrium skylights you see the branches of large trees through the glass roof. The lighting is connected to a computer system allowing the light feature, termed the “birds nest” to change colour or work on a programmed loop of colours. The lighting system and design was developed through a collaborative design approach, with Crone Partners, Mirvac, Barrisol, Mainbrace and Philips Lighting.

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Sydney’s Greenwood Plaza launches new refurbishment by Crone Partners | Architecture And Design

See below a recent article about our work for Mirvac, at Greenwood Plaza in North Sydney. The collaborative Design Approach used the skills of a creative team including; Crone Partners, Mirvac, Philips Lighting, Barrisol, Mainbrace and Prototype.

Sydney’s Greenwood Plaza launches new refurbishment by Crone Partners | Architecture And Design.

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be you

Crone Partners Architects are upgrading the amenities at Broadway Shopping Centre. Broadway is Mirvac’s signature shopping complex and best performing retail outlet, in their impressive retail portfolio.

A strong colour association principle was developed, early in the design process. The colours in the amenities and corridors, change on the various floors, to help navigate the shopper through the centre, integral to the way finding and signage strategy. In keeping with the centres strong branding theme “be you”, the amenities upgrade is the first stage in a series of projects for Broadway, seeking to rejuvenate the centre, in an eclectic mix of artwork, colour and individuality.

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