the power of the oculus

The Oculus is a highly sophisticated computer device that allows the user to experience a virtual world by wearing a head piece. When you put the goggles on, you are transformed into an amazing computer generated world, where your imagination has no limits. You can create buildings and spaces not constrained by structure or gravity. Together with Crone Architects, Sunny Chan from Ivolve Studios, has been developing the virtual software to run off the Oculus device and other VR (Virtual Reality) devices. For example the software allows you to, stand in a luscious green courtyard and look around at a virtual world of buildings, birds, trees, people and look up at a brilliantly sunny day, or stand in a living room looking at a custom designed television cabinet you always wanted and at the marble kitchen bench, fridge cabinetry and parquetry flooring you designed with your architect. The beauty of the software is it allows you to experience a building, or interior space, without having to build it.

What we didn’t realize, was when wearing the Oculus goggles, it also has the power to transform our staff into something quiet disturbing. I was lucky enough I couldn’t see this happening before my eye, due to wearing the goggles. Extreme caution should be used when using VR headsets.

office antics

And then the fun began;



robocop 2

This is why I love our office….

boutique living in fort bonifacio

Arya Residences Tower 2 topped off in the Philippines in February. Crone Partners designed Arya in 2010 and since then, the building has won multiple design awards, most recently for best architectural design at the East Asia Property Awards 2013. Walking around the site last week I took the opportunity to take a “selfie” in front of Tower 1. Arya Residences, is the first Green Rated residential building in the Philippines, with both LEED gold and BERDE ratings to its portfolio.


be you

Crone Partners Architects are upgrading the amenities at Broadway Shopping Centre. Broadway is Mirvac’s signature shopping complex and best performing retail outlet, in their impressive retail portfolio.

A strong colour association principle was developed, early in the design process. The colours in the amenities and corridors, change on the various floors, to help navigate the shopper through the centre, integral to the way finding and signage strategy. In keeping with the centres strong branding theme “be you”, the amenities upgrade is the first stage in a series of projects for Broadway, seeking to rejuvenate the centre, in an eclectic mix of artwork, colour and individuality.

110704_container 08 Entry_7 L2 bathroom_rev D Barrisol entrance L3