180B construction shots

Some recent shots of 180B under Construction in Brisbane. 180B is a 6 Star Green Star Commercial Office Building, with over 60,000m2 of Commercial Office Space.

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green offices in the philippines

Filinvest’s signature commercial development, designed by Crone Architects, is full steam ahead under construction in the Philippines. The site is located at Filinvest City, Alabang and has a total GFA of 180,000m2. Filinvest aim to complete the basement parking, ready for use by June 2016 and the target completion date for Tower 1 is June 2017. The development which includes 4 BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) towers, car parking, civic park and F & B retail, is due for completion 2022 and targets a LEED Gold Environmental Rating, through the US Green Building Council.

The concept, resembling a butterfly shape in plan, assembles 4 towers around a central park and retail hub creating a quiet respite for the North Cyberzone Business Park community.


140724_Top Angle Render

Brisbane River Tower

Only a few months to go before Crone Partners “180B” signature commercial development, reaches practical completion. 180 Brisbane is a 34 level commercial office tower, with 3 levels of retail and 5 levels of basement parking and estimated construction cost of $300m. Crone Partners designed the building in 2010 for Japanese client Daisho and construction giants Watpac. The project is due for completion November 2015. Crone architects have worked collaboratively with Watpac on a number of significant Commercial Office buildings in Australia, including the Telstra Tower at 275 George Street Brisbane and 333 George Street in Sydney. 333 George Street is also under construction and due for completion this year.

180B is ambitious, gutsy and a highly intelligent building. The tower will be Brisbane’s first 6 Star Green Star V3 certified office building and aiming for a 5.5 Star NABERS Energy Rating. This is the highest sustainability rating attainable through the Green Building Council of Australia’s rating system and described as “World’s Best Practice”.

The structural design is innovative using a side core to straddle the Brisbane railway lines that run directly under the site. The lift cores act as a beam to span over the railway tracks. Crone worked with Hyder structural engineers to develop the structural system and a series of large diagonal trusses to support the typical floor plates. This strategic thinking helped unlock the opportunities of the site. The resulting floor plates are regular in shape, open planned and saturated with light and spectacular views. It was through this innovative thinking, Crone were able to win the project through a Design Review Phase, against 6 major architectural firms in Australia. Other key issues that informed the design where overshadowing of King Georges Park, the requirement for a through Site Link and Wind Amelioration.

The Brisbane River super graphic, so dominant on the facade and no doubt controversial, becomes a theme throughout the development. It’s a signature to the building easily recognizable from a distance. A very bold idea, the Brisbane River is pix-elated on the North Eastern facade of the building through the use of a Frit on the glass. The Frit on the curtain wall panels is a rain drop pattern, following the theme of water and sustainability. The building itself has already been nicknamed the “Brisbane River Tower”

When complete this iconic building will truly transform the CBD and set a new standard for commercial buildings.

Below are aerial images of the building under construction;

180 b

180 b



Photos courtesy of Ethan Rohloff Photography.

You can watch a marketing video and fly-through for 180B here;

180 Brisbane fly through from 180Brisbane on Vimeo.

108B is also on wikipedia!;

wikipedia – 180b

180B and the River Graphic

The 180B commercial office tower in Brisbane designed by Crone architects in 2011, is well under way and due for completion later this year. The Brisbane River super graphic, so dominant on the facade and no doubt controversial, becomes a theme throughout the development. A very bold and gutsy idea, the Brisbane River is pix-elated on the North Eastern facade of the building through the use of a Frit pattern on the glass. The Frit on the curtain wall panels is a rain drop pattern, following the theme of water and sustainability.

180B has achieved a 6 Star Green Star environmental certification through the Green Building Council of Australia. This is the highest sustainability rating attainable through the rating system in Australia and described as “World’s Best Practice”. We are very much looking forward to seeing the finished product, having worked on the project for nearly 4 years.

You can watch the marketing video and fly-through for 180B here;

180B Fly Through

180B axo view


the power of the oculus

The Oculus is a highly sophisticated computer device that allows the user to experience a virtual world by wearing a head piece. When you put the goggles on, you are transformed into an amazing computer generated world, where your imagination has no limits. You can create buildings and spaces not constrained by structure or gravity. Together with Crone Architects, Sunny Chan from Ivolve Studios, has been developing the virtual software to run off the Oculus device and other VR (Virtual Reality) devices. For example the software allows you to, stand in a luscious green courtyard and look around at a virtual world of buildings, birds, trees, people and look up at a brilliantly sunny day, or stand in a living room looking at a custom designed television cabinet you always wanted and at the marble kitchen bench, fridge cabinetry and parquetry flooring you designed with your architect. The beauty of the software is it allows you to experience a building, or interior space, without having to build it.

What we didn’t realize, was when wearing the Oculus goggles, it also has the power to transform our staff into something quiet disturbing. I was lucky enough I couldn’t see this happening before my eye, due to wearing the goggles. Extreme caution should be used when using VR headsets.

office antics

And then the fun began;



robocop 2

This is why I love our office….

the colours of 20 martin place

There’s a lot going on in Martin Place at the moment. New buildings going up left, right and centre. I walked past one of our sites in the city at 20 Martin place on Wednesday night and was delighted to see the colours of the facade starting to glow.

20 Martin Place is a commercial office building designed by Crone Architects for Pembroke and built by BUILT. Its due for completion in the next few months.The facade is a shingle style, curtain wall system, with dichroic glass to the base. When light hits the facade it casts amazing reflections on the glass particularly in the afternoon.



Australian Institute of Architects (NSW Chapter) – Champions of Change Charter

On Thursday this week, architectural leaders from 10 of the top architectural firms in Australia, signed a Charter for the Australian Institute of Architects (NSW Chapter), Champions of Change initiative. Principals of the 10 firms met at the AIA offices at Tusculum and agreed to work together over a 12 month period to promote and support equitable workplaces within the architectural profession. Firms signing the charter included; Crone Partners, Cox, Architectus, Hassell, BVN, SJB, Woods Bagot, PTW and Batessmart.

The Champions of Change Program has a simple theory behind it; men of influence have the capacity to change the status quo.

Crone Partners look forward to learning more about how we can contribute to this program and as a collective group find creative ways to help change the work environment in Australia. Our aim is to be a more rich, diverse and flexible work place attracting the best talent into the architectural profession and providing men and woman with equal opportunities.

At Crone we promote Diversity in all facets; gender, cultural, age and skills.

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180B tops out soon

Only a few levels to go before Crone Partners “180B” signature commercial development, located in Ann Street Brisbane tops out. Designed for Daisho and built by Watpac, the project is due for completion in November this year and features a huge super graphic of the Brisbane river on its Eastern facade. The tower is 34 levels tall with over 60,000m2 of Gross Floor Area.


megablock stage 1 is under way at filinvest city

Project Megablock is a BPO office development located in Alabang, Philippines designed for Filinvest land Inc. BPO stands for Business Process Outsourcing and a good example would be a telephone company that outsources its Help Desk services overseas. The design took into consideration BPO working environments, including a daytime and graveyard working shift to cater for companies all around the world. Food and Beverage retail outlets and an expansive green space were designed by Crone Architects, providing areas of quiet respite for BPO workers and other workers in the Northgate Cyberzone Precinct of Filinvest City.

The development has 4 office towers of approximately 20 levels each and a total GFA of 180,000m2. The floor plates have an NLA of 2,000m2 giving an NLA/ GFA efficiency of over 90%. The floor plates are designed to be open planned, with large structural grid bays and side core arrangement.

Below are recent site photos of the stage 1 works;

MEG1 PTG Presentation 036_Page_03 MEG1 PTG Presentation 036_Page_01


aqualand’s “lindfield village” sales fury

Aqualand’s signature residential development named “Lindfield Village”, has experienced extraordinary high sales since its launch earlier this month. A sales fury, occurred during the opening Saturday of the marketing campaign, with over 90% of the 88 apartments sold within 2 hours. Over 100 apartments have now been sold and the investor and home owner market is nervously waiting for the final trench of 40+ apartments to be released. The fast sales are testament to a successful collaborative design alliance between Crone Architects and the Aqualand Development team. Good design, perfect location and a highly professional marketing campaign have proven a winning combination.

Some images below of the Development.

1059_Aqualand_Lindfiled_OverallStreet_360_SML_04 1059_Aqualand_Lindfiled_Courtyard_220_SML_04 1059_Aqualand_Lindfiled_BuildingToView_30_SML_05 1059_Aqualand_Lindfiled_Facade_60_SML_05