green offices in the philippines

Filinvest’s signature commercial development, designed by Crone Architects, is full steam ahead under construction in the Philippines. The site is located at Filinvest City, Alabang and has a total GFA of 180,000m2. Filinvest aim to complete the basement parking, ready for use by June 2016 and the target completion date for Tower 1 is June 2017. The development which includes 4 BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) towers, car parking, civic park and F & B retail, is due for completion 2022 and targets a LEED Gold Environmental Rating, through the US Green Building Council.

The concept, resembling a butterfly shape in plan, assembles 4 towers around a central park and retail hub creating a quiet respite for the North Cyberzone Business Park community.


140724_Top Angle Render

a big hole in the ground – garden towers makati

Standing at the top of a temporary car park in Makati, I look down on our site for the Garden Towers development and am quiet overwhelmed by the enormity of this project, designed over 2 years ago.

Garden Towers is a Residential Condominium project for AYALA Land Inc. located at the heart of the retail district in Makati. It has over 127,000m2 of Gross Floor Area and the 2 Towers range in height from 50 to 60 Levels. The development will house over 650+ Premier Grade Condominiums with the luxury and convenience of quality amenities and shopping at its doorstep.

I cant wait to see the towers pop out of the ground and start to take shape.

Garden Towers Site Photo

garden towers

Mayor of London Unveils Three Visions for the Future of Heathrow | ArchDaily

“The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has unveiled three proposals to redevelop Heathrow Airport into ‘Heathrow City,’ a new town occupying the site that according to one study “could provide 90,000 jobs and 80,000 homes” in West London. Developed in parallel with Foster + Partners‘ proposal to create a new airport in the Thames Estuary, the three possible designs are part of a plan that Johnson believes will not only improve the capital’s aviation capacity, but also the quality of living in the area around the existing Heathrow Airport.”

Mayor of London Unveils Three Visions for the Future of Heathrow | ArchDaily.

drones in cities

mount hagen urban master plan projects papua new guinea

The photograph above was taken in Mount Hagen, Western Highlands Province, in Papua New Guinea. The event was the City Re-Development Launch, when the Prime Minister Arthur Somare, was invited to launch the Urban Master Plan and Infrastructure projects, designed by Crone Partners & Robert Bird Group.

Sir Michael Somare is better known in Papua New Guinea, as the “Grand Chief” and if you look closely at the photograph, you can see this written on the back of his locally made, Western Highlands, traditional garment. I was lucky enough to attend the ceremony in Queen Elizabeth Park, with the Western Highlands Provincial Governor Tom Olga and around 14,000 local people. In the background to the left of the photograph is the site for the Government City Block Master Plan. Ar the launch, the National Government committed funds for the Urban Master Plan projects over a 5 year period.

The Master Plan Projects launched by the National Government included; The Government City Block Master plan, Airport Precinct Master Plan, Sports Precinct Master Plan and Infrastructure projects including; Highlands Highway Mount Hagen Road Divertion, Mt Hagen CBD Traffic and Transport Upgrade, Sewarage Treatment Scheme, Water Treatment Scheme and Solid Waste Management Plan.

The Government City Block Master Plan was the first project to be devloped to a more detailed level of Design Documentation and the Government Administration Building and Provincial Chambers designed to Tender/ Construction Documentation Stage. The Master Plan includes; Government Administration Building, Provincial Chambers, Cultural Centre, Commercial offices and a Hotel.

The Government Precinct Master Plan is designed to create safe, integrated spaces that accommodate a mix of open public areas, work environments, retail opportunities and cultural experiences. The Precinct provides a home for a new generation of politics in the Western Highlands Province and Papua New Guinea (PNG). A community oriented precinct accommodating a new Government Building and Cultural Centre displaying the wonderful Arts & Crafts of the region. The overall objective will provide Government with a place of leadership, vision and authority. The use of local construction techniques, materials and skills was intrinsic to the design and developed through a series of community consultative sessions with local tribes and community groups in Mount Hagen.

101019_City Development Launch mount hagen city masterplan 9006 B 2002 e