the colours of 20 martin place

There’s a lot going on in Martin Place at the moment. New buildings going up left, right and centre. I walked past one of our sites in the city at 20 Martin place on Wednesday night and was delighted to see the colours of the facade starting to glow.

20 Martin Place is a commercial office building designed by Crone Architects for Pembroke and built by BUILT. Its due for completion in the next few months.The facade is a shingle style, curtain wall system, with dichroic glass to the base. When light hits the facade it casts amazing reflections on the glass particularly in the afternoon.



20 Martin Place goes Vivid

Vivid 2014 is here in all its illuminating magnificence. Over 100,000 people visit the show in Sydney held every year in May. Sculptural lighting installations as well as projection art adorn the cities landmark buildings and streets creating a buzz in the city. Martin Place is a fairly new addition to Vivid sites traditionally located around Darling Harbour and Circular Quay. Make sure you get out there and have a look the cities are awash the light, music and people.

This shot is of Crone Partners designed 20 Martin Place commercial office building whereby the lighting design brief was to showcase the amazing existing steel structure of the building re-used in the project.

I’m looking forward to seeing more on Thursday down at Circular Quay.


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