Carte Brutaliste – Brutalist Paris Map

The Les Choux De Cretiel building is brutalist and beautiful.



rothelowman – cracking the matrix

Rothelowman have 140 staff in offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The Melbourne office has over 80 staff and is located in a warehouse building in Southbank, featuring a beautiful truss roof. The architecture and interiors of the office fit-out showcase the firms skills in commercial design and their ability to create wonderful spaces to be in.

This is my 4th week at Rothelowman and with my business partner Ben Pomroy we aim to grow the business in NSW, through innovative and creative thinking – an emerging design firm in the Sydney market. Rothelowman has 25 years of experience in a variety of project types including; residential, commercial, retail, master plan and mixed-use. Our ability to integrate Interior Design with Architecture, provides our clients with a holistic approach to design.

I posted a photo on Instagram when I visited the Melbourne office last week and could not believe the attention it received. Generally happy to receive 20 likes…. actually even 1 is good!. This photo cracked the matrix, gaining over 1000 likes. I believe this was a sign, I had made the right choice to move to Rothelowman, but happy to hear of any other reasons for this anomaly?


7 Ways to Be a More Effective Architect | ArchDaily

7 Ways to Be a More Effective Architect | ArchDaily.

7 ways to be a more effective architect

I prefer drawing to talking…..

“I prefer drawing to talking. Drawing is faster, and leaves less room for lies” – Le Corbusier.


How good would it be to have our buildings clean the environment rather than destroy it?

The ideas generated from this Student Design competition run by CTBUH are highly commendable. In Particular I liked the “Clean Air Tower” by Alec Balchin which responds to issues of air quality. His design for Tianjin uses industrial air-cleaning technology together with a stack effect air circulation system to clean 8.5 million cubic meters of air per year. How good would it be to have our buildings clean the environment rather than destroy it?

CTBUH Announces Five Finalists in its Student Competition | ArchDaily.