Manila back streets

From the depths of Manila back streets, rises a tower, searching for the sky.

To understand the context of our development in Ermita, Metro Manila, we explored the city back streets, giving us a feel for the area, it’s people, the traffic and the distinct smell of the wet season. This photomontage, shows the northern elevation of our proposed 40 level mixed-use, residential tower. The top 15 levels of the tower afford panoramic views of Manila Bay to the west, famous for it’s stunning evening sunsets over the water.

I like this photograph because it shows the fine and gritty grain of old Manila. The traffic, the variety of buildings, pot plants on the road, electrical wires everywhere, people, motorbikes, Jeepnees and the looming prospect of rain. I particularly like it, because it tells a story. Maurice (To the bottom left of the picture), my business partner and friend, was our photographer, taking hundreds of magnificent pictures for a potential photomontage extravaganza. Unfortunately, when our photographer got back to Sydney, he realised he had lost his camera at the airport, the photos and camera, never to be seen again. This photo, Maurice’s only lasting memory of his beloved camera….. Luckily we had a few shots left on my phone.

Manila Bay Modern

A design collaboration between Philippine and Australian architects, including AURORA Design and the “m design collaborative”

Concept Ideas

The Process

did you know 180 Brisbane is on Wikipedia?

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180 Brisbane on wikipedia

Garden Towers

Garden Towers is a twin tower, premium grade residential development with retail and landscaped gardens designed by Crone architects in 2012. The site is located in Makati, in the heart of the retail district in the Philippines. The project consists of residential, retail and basement carpark levels that connect to Glorietta Shopping Centre at ground and basement levels. The residential towers house 682 apartments and are 60 and 51 levels each, with a total gross floor area of 127,000sqm.

The project is a 2 stage development with Tower 1 currently under construction.

Key features of the design include;

Garden Lobby Drop Off
Main entrance begins with a lush green wall drop off
• Casual seating areas evoke a veranda/lanai feel
• Indoor garden lobby with high ceilings
• Glimpse of the development’s garden amenities beyond
• Separate concierge and ground floor lobbies for each tower

Garden Amenities
• Significant portion of the 9,010 sqm lot is dedicated to exclusive gardens that also house the development’s pool and social amenities
• Uninterrupted access to Glorietta via landscaped connections uniting the development to Palm Promenade
• Palm Promenade offers a sweep of green with shopping and dining options on both sides

Sky Gardens
• Alternating between the East and West Corners and every two floors, the sky gardens are 20 sqm areas of natural light and generous garden spaces accessible to residents on that floor


garden towers

Austrade supports Crone Partners designed Arya Residence, in Makati last month

Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner Anthony Weymouth presented; “Infrastructure, Trade Opportunities in the Asian Century”, to a packed conference in Manila last month. A section of the presentation was devoted to “Philippine Green Building Projects” and highlighted the Crone Partners designed, Arya Residence, located in Fort Bonifacio Global City, in the Philippines. The Arya Residence is targeting dual Environmental Certification, both LEED Gold and BERDE ratings. The Arya Residence, is the first residential building in the Philippines to seek dual certification and a great example, of the future of Green Buildings in the Philippines.

A PDF file link to the slides of the Austrade presentation are found below as well as notes from the slides;

Philippine Green Building Projects

GREEN is the new colour of progress

• Through the efforts of the Philippine Green Building Council (PhilGBC), the country launched our own green building rating tool called BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence)
• Green building ratings for residential, commercial and eventually, communities will be implemented
• Consumers & developers are also becoming more environmentally aware so they invest in green technologies
• It’s not easy being GREEN but the country is getting there!

Case Study: Arya Residences

1. Arthaland is a Philippine developer wanting to build the country’s first “green” residential skyscraper.
2. Australian Architects Crone Partners from Sydney was identified as the architectural design consultant.
3. Arya Residences recently won “Best Residential Development” in the Philippines at the 2012 South East Asia Property Awards and is being praised by local and international markets, for promoting green buildings

Crone Partners
Arya Residences

4. Arya is the first residential building in the Philippines to apply for a dual green building certification – LEED and BERDE, challenging popular culture in the Philippines.
5. Now, Arthaland is looking for more ‘green’ products from Australia for their 3 upcoming projects. They used Windtech’s wind tunnel testing system and the Australian paint, Klaas Coatings.

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