could you imagine having a child with autism?

I know I couldn’t. In fact I wouldn’t even know how hard it would be to raise a child that had no disabilities. I imagine pretty tough but totally awesome.

Next weekend 3 April, I’m doing a swim with a bunch of kind people for an event named swim 4 autism at the abc pool in Woolloomooloo. We swim for 5 hours in a relay and raise funds for the Giant Steps Foundation. If you had a few spare dollars we would be very appreciative of your contribution. 

You can donate to the link below or to the LOOBULLS team.
Thanks for your time and happy Easter!


2 thoughts on “could you imagine having a child with autism?

  1. Now try to think about BEING that child with autism. I was. Now I’m an adult with autism. As I prefer to think of it, I’m an autistic adult.
    Some day these charities will start to think about the autistic children first.
    The time is apparently not now.

    • Hi Lissa, thanks for your note. I hadn’t thought about it like that and how hard it must be for you sometimes. Are there foundations for autistic adults? It’s true foundations tend to look after children first and then what happens after I don’t know. Thankyou for opening my eyes. M

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