AIA Mentoring Program 2015_ Stukel Stone Architects

It is a great pleasure being involved in the Australian Institute of Architects (AIA), NSW Chapter Mentoring Program this year. As a first timer in the program, I was a bit concerned about what was expected of me, but the AIA provided exceptional support and training sessions to help Mentors and Mentees get the most out of their sessions.

What made the job even easier was being matched with Daniel Stukel Beasly and his wife Tobhiyah Stone Feller, who are founders of their practice named Stukel Stone Architects. It is a very interesting marriage of Architecture and Theatre which brings to the firm a unique spin on design. Together we have identified clear goals in our sessions and I am amazed at how quickly these are being achieved. Looking forward to seeing the firm grow even more over the next few years!

Stukel Stone Architects

aia mentoring

aia mentoring

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