Living High

Below is an interview for the Gold Star Daily News on our project at 128 Nivel Hills in Cebu, Philippines

Living High.

Living High
August 11, 2014 | 0 comment
AT least three things will tell you that 128 Nivel Hills is unlike anything that Cebu has ever seen in the history of its real estate industry.

First, its unmatched design and form. It’s the type of structure that strikes awe and admiration at first look. Deriving inspiration from the natural landscape of Cebu’s sweeping coastlines, the shape of its towers – seemingly displacing strata of oval floor plates – has both aesthetic and practical functions. This design promotes 360-degree breathtaking views of Mactan Channel and the surrounding cityscape that its residents can enjoy on a daily basis. Soaring 150 meters above sea level, the buildings will be unmistakable even from a great distance as they stand clear-cut from a backdrop of sky and rolling terrain. Structure-wise, the pure, continuous spherical form of the towers gives good natural rigidity to their makeup. Together with additional shear walls, the resulting frameworks are stronger and able to withstand more wear and tear.

In the afternoon when the sun is at its peak, passive solar control design will take center stage. Extended balconies that project at the surrounding edges of the towers “will act as an important environmental sunshade that reduces heat loads in each building,” says Design Consultant Michael Banak.

128 Nivel Hills is designed to strategically channel high-altitude breezes to allow for natural ventilation throughout every building. This further permits the maximum use of natural lighting, in effect helping to minimize consumption of electricity and reduce carbon footprint. The rounded shape of the towers, along with their general orientation, further protects the buildings from harsh monsoonal winds and rains.

The exclusive development is designed by Crone Partners, an Australia-based architectural firm known the world over for their cutting-edge projects including the “Good House” in Melbourne, Australia; the Jumeirah Beach Residences in Dubai; and the upcoming Dubai Festival City, to name a few. With a celebrated architect at the helm of the project, 128 Nivel Hills is poised to become a sterling addition to some of the world’s notable modern architecture.

“The density of high-rise structures in Cebu is seen to dramatically increase in 10 to 15 years, but we see no other structure that will have the same form and siting as 128 Nivel Hills,” says Crone Partners’ Michael Banak, the project’s principal architect.

Second, its location. The address speaks for itself. 128 Nivel Hills is set to rise on the former site of Casino Filipino on Veterans Drive in Lahug. Tucked away in a quiet and well-elevated corner of the city, it remains within just the right distance from the buzz of the city. It is the flagship project of Diamond Hiland, Inc., a joint-venture firm by Cebu-based conglomerates owned by the Lhuilliers and the Yeungs. By way of its homegrown developers and location, it refuses to be just another addition to the growing list of high-end residential condominiums in Cebu.

Third but not the last, its features and amenities. In partnership with renowned architect-interior designer Manny Samson whose portfolio includes the St. Regis Bali Resort, the upcoming Shangri-La Resort Hotel at The Fort, and several of the Four Seasons Hotel, 128 Nivel Hills will deliver a carefully curated lifestyle to its residents.

In every sense of the word, 128 Nivel Hills is a tour de force teeming with countless reasons that make it the ultimate private paradise. Envisioned to become a true architectural masterpiece, it exemplifies an innovation that its creators believe Cebu is ready for. Beyond doubt, to be part of this 128 Nivel Hills is to see the world in a new perspective and to truly live large and live high.

128 Nivel Hills

128 Nivel Hills



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