180B comes to life

After months of construction work in the basement levels of 180B the building is finally coming alive. The amazing truss structure that spans the railway lines in Brisbane is exposed at ground level and can be seen over 5 levels of the podium. Hyder Structures worked closely with Crone Partners to design an innovative structure that spans the railway tunnels with diagonal bracing and uses the core itself to straddle the railway lines.

The unique side core commercial office building is 34 levels in height and has over 60,000m2 of NLA with large open floor plates.

It is a thrill to see this image provided by Watpac Constructions and see the shape of the office floor plate coming out of the ground, having worked on the project since its early conception in 2008. Crone Partners won the project in a Design Competition and have enjoyed working collaboratively in the design process with our client Daisho.

I’m also impressed seeing our site Architect Nick Grbavac giving good scale in his yellow hard hat in front of one of these amazing columns. Nice shot Nick.

180 b trusses


180B axo view

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