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I don’t know if you have seen the latest Star Trek movie? The cinematography and technology used is very impressive, especially viewed on the huge 3D IMAX screen at Darling Harbour.

This blog post however, has nothing to do with Star Trek but talks about a new ‘futuristic” lighting design developed for Mirvac at Greenwood Plaza, in North Sydney.

The light pictured below, can be found walking the concourse level at the shopping centre. We designed the ceilings late 2012, to use environmentally friendly materials, such as, the plywood louvres that form a curving, directional spine at the centre. The existing lights were replaced with highly energy efficient LED lights, providing improved LUX levels for shoppers and providing Energy Saving Certificates for the client. The futuristic lights are located at key entries to the mall and were developed with Phillips Lighting and Barrisol. Mainbrace contractors are currently managing the construction of the ceilings over the next few months.


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