a buzzing greenwood plaza

Design work for Mirvac, at Greenwood Plaza, was completed end of 2012 by Crone Partners Architects and Interiors, on a number of projects including ceiling and lighting treatments, as well as respite seating. These works are currently under construction creating a buzz around the centre. Retailers and shoppers alike, are appreciating the efforts made by the Design Team to modernise the centre, which was in need of a serious make-over.

The new ceiling and lighting treatments at Greenwood Shopping Plaza, is nearly complete in 2 major zones, with a further 5 zones programmed to rejuvenation the Plaza over coming months. The design of the upper level lighting, looked at creating an artificial atrium light, similar to the existing atriums at the centre, where you see the branches of large trees through the glass roof.

The lighting is connected to a computer system allowing the light feature, termed the “birds nest” to change colour or work on a programmed loop of colours. The lighting system and design was developed through a collaborative design approach, with Crone Partners, Mirvac, Barrisol, Mainbrace and Philips Lighting.

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