greenwood plaza makeover

Greenwood Shopping Plaza is getting a new and well deserved face lift, over the coming months in Sydney. Interior Design Packages were completed last year, by Crone Partners Interior Design Team, for it’s client Mirvac. The design includes new ceilings to the metro level and upper levels of the centre. New seating areas will also be provided, with feature planter boxes and bamboo planting, to provide areas of respite, in a peaceful environment, for the busy commuter. The concept for Greenwood Plaza was to create a new and vibrant modern shopping experience, that did not detract from the shop fronts and retailers themselves.

The photographs featured in this blog were taken in early May. They show images of Stage 1 works, that include ceiling and lighting upgrades to the mall areas. The vertical blades are shaped from Plywood and the feature light at the entry to the escalators made from Barrisol. The ridge to the vertical louvres is constantly changing, creating the idea of movement, ever prevalent in the daily movements of commuters from North Sydney Station.

Mainbrace are the contractors for the project and Philips lighting provided the LED lights and lighting design. Barrisol is used in the feature lighting areas and they installed the vertical louvre blades.

This is still works in progress, with final lighting positions to be agreed and signage to be installed, but we are happy with the results, looking forward to seeing the finished product!

121016_Greenwood Plaza_Ceilings_Developed Concepts_ISSUE_Page_21

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