do you like the apple store in sydney?

I don’t know about you but I am a huge fan of the design of the Apple store in George Street Sydney. Time and effort has been spent on the detailing of not only the entry facade but the glass feature stair that connects the floors at the back of the building. It is a beautiful stair. The treads span from wall to wall made from 50mm thick solid glass spanning approximately 2.4m. The treads are connected to the wall by minuscule stainless steel patch fittings removing the need for stringers. The open risers add to the transparency of the stair allowing light to filter through the incredibly lightweight structure and create soft shadows on the stark aluminium composite walls. The stair not only looks good but it encourages the visitor to use the stair rather than riding the lift to the other levels. Nice work by the architect! Does anyone know who designed it?

apple store

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