180B and the River Graphic

The 180B commercial office tower in Brisbane designed by Crone architects in 2011, is well under way and due for completion later this year. The Brisbane River super graphic, so dominant on the facade and no doubt controversial, becomes a theme throughout the development. A very bold and gutsy idea, the Brisbane River is pix-elated on the North Eastern facade of the building through the use of a Frit pattern on the glass. The Frit on the curtain wall panels is a rain drop pattern, following the theme of water and sustainability.

180B has achieved a 6 Star Green Star environmental certification through the Green Building Council of Australia. This is the highest sustainability rating attainable through the rating system in Australia and described as “World’s Best Practice”. We are very much looking forward to seeing the finished product, having worked on the project for nearly 4 years.

You can watch the marketing video and fly-through for 180B here;

180B Fly Through

180B axo view


what does a james bond house look like?

Modern, clean lines. Minimalist detailing with huge concrete cantilevers. A large entertainment deck, with a sleek wet edge pool for the parties. Glass and Steel. Walls that fold away, slide and pivot. Framed views and vistas. Exaggerated vertical spaces, fast cars and opulence.

This is a fun job!

yeung sketches


L1 and L2 Family External render night