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New contender for Sydney’s tallest residential tower

Crone Partners has potentially eclipsed the height of 115 Bathurst Street with their latest Master Plan Design and Planning Proposal for a 260m tall tower at 505 George Street, Sydney. Crone went through a rigorous process on 115 Bathurst Street, successfully achieving a Stage 1 Development Application Approval for a 236m tall tower named the Greenland Centre.

The current height controls at 505 George Street limit the height of developments to 150m. Through an intense Design and Analytic process, Crone were able to put forth a compelling argument to Sydney City Council of the many benefits to the city of going taller and thinner. Mirvac and Coombes Property Group have proven a formidable team collaborating with Crone and Sydney City Council to promote innovative urban design solutions for their iconic development at the Greater Union site. We hope for a favorable response to our Planning Proposal over the next few weeks.

A hot topic in Property Circles is Sydney’s need for more Skyscrapers to remain Australia’s Global City and to meet demands of an ever increasing population. Champion of this cause is Chris Johnson CEO of Urban Taskforce Australia helping to drive council into reviewing current height controls and increasing the density of buildings in the city and at major transport hubs.

Articles were published in all 3 Newspapers today, below a link to the Sydney Morning Herald’s article, “New contender for Sydney’s tallest residential tower”;

New contender for Sydney’s tallest residential tower.

505 George st_Aerial 505 George st_Streetl_Hires_Grade

Mayor of London Unveils Three Visions for the Future of Heathrow | ArchDaily

“The Mayor of London Boris Johnson has unveiled three proposals to redevelop Heathrow Airport into ‘Heathrow City,’ a new town occupying the site that according to one study “could provide 90,000 jobs and 80,000 homes” in West London. Developed in parallel with Foster + Partners‘ proposal to create a new airport in the Thames Estuary, the three possible designs are part of a plan that Johnson believes will not only improve the capital’s aviation capacity, but also the quality of living in the area around the existing Heathrow Airport.”

Mayor of London Unveils Three Visions for the Future of Heathrow | ArchDaily.

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