from a house to mega towers – a philippines update

A few weeks ago, Vish and I travelled to the Philippines to be part of the Austrade and the Australian Governments’, “Celebrate Australia Day” program in the Philippines. Unfortunately, we missed out on our Australia Day public holiday in Sydney, but fortunately, we were able to spend quality time with our friends in Makati.


We visited the Arya Residences on McKinley Parkway to take some photos of our development designed in 2009. Arya is nearly complete, a twin tower, LEED Gold certified, sustainable development located in Bonifacio Global City. The site is located just 20 minutes drive from Makati…….on a good day……for those that understand what Manila traffic is all about. This is my photo of Vish taking a photo of Arya, from the roundabout at the entry to the American War Memorial site.

160203_arya park

Arthaland’s signature project, the Arya Residences, is highly acclaimed both in the Philippines and abroad, having won several awards at the East Asia Property Awards and the Philippine Property Awards.

We met with CASAS Architects to discuss 2 projects we are collaboratively working on in Cebu; TAFT East Gate in Central Cebu for HT Land and The Bond House (CASAS have named the house, the “Iron Man House”, which we like as well) for a private client in the Hills of Cebu.

This is a view of one of the many study models of the House. We have just finished Schematic Design and are now looking into a Design Development Phase for the interiors. You can see from the photograph the design incorporates an expansive entertainment deck and wet edge swimming pool that runs the full length of the deck. An amazing spot for a party! The house gently lands on a steep sloping site, with stunning views of the country side, a tree lined ravine and pocket glimpses of the Mactan Channel in the distance. The design promotes sustainable living with a series of Green Initiatives integral to the design including; passive solar control, natural ventilation, atrium stack effect cooling, sun shading and PVC technology.

160203_study model

L1 and L2 Family External render night


Taft East Gate is a 4 tower development in Cebu for Taft Property Venture Capital and includes residential, Commercial, Hotel and a retail shopping centre. Tower 1 documentation of the residential tower is complete. Site works have commenced and the display suite should be operational by next month. The design incorporates a “crinkle cut” facade to the towers, creating movement and drama and essential shading to the apartments. The image below was provided courtesy of CASAS Architects.

taft east gate

taft east gate

Another major site in Makati we visited was our Garden Towers project, a Premier Grade twin tower residential condominium development for AYALA Land Premier. The 2 towers will be quite stricking on the city skyline and will reach a similar height to the towers you can see in the background of the photo below. The project features green sky lobbies, summer gardens, extensive landscape areas and a green wall at the porte corche drop-off. A quality development located in the heart of the shopping precinct in Makati, promoting a healthy lifestyle and work / live environment.

garden towers site photo

garden towers

connected with the philippines

International Experience
A Global Challenge Opportunity

Right now, the world is more connected than our ancestors dared to imagine. At CRONE, we aren’t limited by boundaries of distance, culture or dialect; in fact, we’ve found that working with new climates, lifestyles and values encourages us to expand our thinking in every aspect of what we do.

Our international experience has seen us lead projects in the Philippines, Indonesia, China, Malaysia and the United Arab Emirates. Be it a major urban planning initiative, office tower, retail precinct or a residential dwelling, our designers are determined to improve the world’s cities, one building at a time. With such diversity, each project is unique and involves in-person consultations, responding creatively to local needs and the nuances of culture.

We established a presence in Manila in the 90s, undertaking a number of major master planning projects. In the last 10 years Crone have designed a number of significant Premier Grade residential towers, commercial office buildings and urban masterplan Projects in both Manila and Cebu. At the core of our design methodology is promoting a collaborative Design Process that promotes sensitivity to the environment. The Arya Residences for example achieved both a LEED Gold Star and BERDE rating and has won multiple awards in Asia.

10 – years crone have been working in the Philippines
1 – luxury house design in cebu
9 – separate projects in various stages of design and construction
17 – towers in design and construction stages in 2015
1 – master plan with 1,200,000m2 of GFA and 23 towers
10 – towers under construction in manila and cebu
6,000 – Condominium Apartments
4 – Commercial BPO office space with 180,000m2 of GFA

A chronology of work

2014+_James Bond House – Schematic Design Complete
GFA = 1,500m2
Residential House


2014_The Alcoves – Design Complete / Marketing Stage
Residential Tower
GFA = 60,000m2
460 Condominiums
AYALA Land Premier


2014_Mandani Bay Masterplan – Design Complete
Masterplan 20 hectares
GFA = 1,200,000m2
12 stages
HT Land


2013-2014_Megablock – Design Complete / Under Construction
Commercial office BPO x 4 towers
GFA = 180,000m2
Typical Floor GLA = 2,000m2
Tower 1 complete 2017 / 4 Towers by 2022
Filinvest Inc.

140724_Top Angle Render

2013_Taft East Gate – Design Complete / Under Construction
Residential & Commercial Towers x 4
GFA = 225,000m2
4,000 Condominiums
Taft Property Venture Capital

140624_TAFT overall_sml

2013-2014_128 Nivell Hills – Design Complete / Excavation Complete
Residential Towers x 2
GFA = 70,000m2
550 condominiums
Diamond Hiland Inc + MSY Holdings

128 Nivel Hills

128 Nivel Hills

2011_Garden Towers – Design Complete / Under Construction
Residential Towers x 2
630 Condominiums
Ayala Land Premier


2009-2010_Arya Residences – Design Complete / Under Construction
Fort Bonifacio Global City
Residential Towers x 2
640 condominiums
Construction Complete 2015


2006_One Serendra – Design Complete / Construction Complete
Fort Bonifacio Global City
Residential Towers x 2
GFA = 90,000m2
600 Condominiums
Ayala Land Premier

One Serendra Aerial

arya at the fort

What a great feeling! Finally sitting on the right side of the plane, camera at the ready, capturing on film, our towers at the end of the Manila American Memorial, Fort Bonifacio Global City. I was also lucky to have the opportunity to walk around the development, whose concept was visioned in 2010 and now nearly complete. Arya Residences is a premier grade, mixed use development designed by Crone Architects, for Arthaland and boasting dual green certification, LEED Gold and BERDE. These photos were taken in the Philippines earlier this week. Tonight its flying back home to Sydney. Marimang Salamat Po my Filipino friends, thanks for the hospitality!

IMG_5859 IMG_5861 IMG_5872 IMG_5875

An Architectural Practice in Sydney – Philippine GBC Conference 2014

I was lucky enough to be invited to talk at the Philippine Green Building Conference held at the SMX Conference Centre in Pasay City 25 September.

The Philippines are at the early stages of developing their Green Rating Tool, named BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence) and presented 2 outstanding examples of their work including the first Green Certified Government Building to pave the way for future developments in the country. The NET Lima Commercial Office Building, in Fort Bonifacio Gobal City by the NET Group, is one of the first buildings in the Philippines to achieve BERDE Certification. A sign of things to come and shows the courage of developers in the Philippines to promote Sustainable Developments. We are also looking forward to Crone’s design for the Arya Residences, developed by ArthaLand which will be the first residential building in the Philippines to achieve dual certification, both BERDE and LEED certifications in the near future.

On behalf of Crone Partners I gave a talk on “An Architecture Practice in Sydney”. It detailed Crone Partners’ extensive apartment construction experience (approximately 20,000 apartments world-wide in the last 10 years); our special knowledge of The Philippines; Our collaborative office culture, with staff from 20 different countries and a much higher percentage of women than the average firm; our collaborative art work; how this informs a fresh approach to new workplace design.

It then told the story of the design process for 180 Brisbane, a 6 Star Green Star (Green Building Council of Australia rating tool) Certified Project in Brisbane: Designing for a hot, humid climate; winning a competition with 4 other big Australian firms through the strength of our analysis; finding clever solutions for sunlight, geotechnical, layout, regulatory, structural, urban, facade, wind issues in a way that consistently fed into our design vision for open, collaborative workspaces with a sense of address and identity.

Many thanks to Eva Yazon from Austrade and Edgar V. Sabidong from the Philippine Green Building Council for looking after me while I was in the Philippines.

See below links to the Philippine Green Building Council Website and Conference Video;

Philippine Green Building Council Conference Video

Philippine Green Building Council Website

BG - 2014 - Teaser - Banak

arya residences – greening the fort

Crone Partners designed the boutique residential development, Arya Residences for client ArthaLand in 2010. Since then, the building has won multiple design awards, most recently for best Architectural Design, at the East Asia Property Awards 2013.

Arya Residences, is the first Green Rated residential building in the Philippines, with both LEED gold and BERDE ratings to its expanding portfolio.

Walking around the site last week, we took the opportunity to take photographs of the high-rise residential building under construction in Fort Bonifacio City. This is a shot of Tower 1, due for handover in April 2014.

IMG_0754 IMG_0766 IMG_0802

arya residences tower 2 reaches top floor

Arya Residences Tower 2 reaches the top floor. The article below will be published today in the Philippine Star Newspaper. Well done to our client ArthaLand to have the vision to support a Green Building and to our very skilled design team at Crone Partners. 🙂


arya residences wins multiple awards at the philippines property awards

Last night at the Philippines Property Awards, Crone Partners designed Arya Residences won multiple awards including;

1) Best Luxury Condo Development (Metro Manila)
2) Best Residential Architectural Design!
3) Best Boutique Developer

Congratulations to our client ArthaLand for their support on the project and the quality delivery of the project vision.

Philippines Awards


aussie architects in the philippines

Austrade supports Crone Partners designed Arya Residence, in Makati last month

Austrade Senior Trade Commissioner Anthony Weymouth presented; “Infrastructure, Trade Opportunities in the Asian Century”, to a packed conference in Manila last month. A section of the presentation was devoted to “Philippine Green Building Projects” and highlighted the Crone Partners designed, Arya Residence, located in Fort Bonifacio Global City, in the Philippines. The Arya Residence is targeting dual Environmental Certification, both LEED Gold and BERDE ratings. The Arya Residence, is the first residential building in the Philippines to seek dual certification and a great example, of the future of Green Buildings in the Philippines.

A PDF file link to the slides of the Austrade presentation are found below as well as notes from the slides;

Philippine Green Building Projects

GREEN is the new colour of progress

• Through the efforts of the Philippine Green Building Council (PhilGBC), the country launched our own green building rating tool called BERDE (Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence)
• Green building ratings for residential, commercial and eventually, communities will be implemented
• Consumers & developers are also becoming more environmentally aware so they invest in green technologies
• It’s not easy being GREEN but the country is getting there!

Case Study: Arya Residences

1. Arthaland is a Philippine developer wanting to build the country’s first “green” residential skyscraper.
2. Australian Architects Crone Partners from Sydney was identified as the architectural design consultant.
3. Arya Residences recently won “Best Residential Development” in the Philippines at the 2012 South East Asia Property Awards and is being praised by local and international markets, for promoting green buildings

Crone Partners
Arya Residences

4. Arya is the first residential building in the Philippines to apply for a dual green building certification – LEED and BERDE, challenging popular culture in the Philippines.
5. Now, Arthaland is looking for more ‘green’ products from Australia for their 3 upcoming projects. They used Windtech’s wind tunnel testing system and the Australian paint, Klaas Coatings.

090821_VIEW8 090821_VIEW7 090821_VIEW2

arya residence tower 1 to be completed early 2014

Award winning, LEED Gold targeted Arya Residence, is due for completion, the first quarter of 2014. Tower 2 has been launched after strong sales from Tower 1, have seen over 70% of apartments sold off the plan, in a short period of time.

Facade treatments are well under way at Arya, with options provided for the horizontal louvres to feature at the top of the building. Mock-ups of the sun shading devices, will be provided on site, to evaluate the best colour fit for the building. The light colouring of the building was designed, to best reflect the strong heat loads on the building, prevalent in the Philippines.

With Arya Residence LEED Gold and BERDE certification targets, as well as the signature 180 Brisbane, commercial office tower, 6 Star Green Star target, Crone Partners are becoming renowned for their expertise in Green Building Design.

4 3 IMG_0802